Change the world
one good deed at a time.

The world is a much more positive place when we are kind to one another. The problem is, we have no way of knowing if our kindness has had an effect on someone. 

Now, with PifCoin, you can see how your seemingly insignificant random act of kindness has a ripple effect on making the world a better and more positive place to live for us and for our children.

Join the movement by becoming an Epifinator and start a pay it forward campaign today!


Step 1:
Perform random acts of kindness

Step 2:
Pass on your PifCoin

Step 3:
See the positive changes

Not sure of what good deeds can be done?

Here are the top good deeds currently being performed by our Epifinators.

Buy a latte

Nothing puts a smile on someone's face more than a good cup of coffee in the morning. One of the easiest ways to pay it forward is to buy the person in front of you their morning cup of coffee.

Leave some gas behind. (No, not like that!)

Imagine the feeling of the person ahead of you in the line of the gas station when you leave $10 on the pump.

Put those muscles to good use.

If you're young and in shape, you might take loading 10-12 bags of groceries into your car for granted. But for the elderly, this can be a taxing task. Help out our elder friends by offering your muscles to them!

Babysit for a friend in need.

The biggest gesture parents can receive is a night out together while not having to worry about the kids. Offer to step in for a few hours so that mom and dad can enjoy some quality time out to dinner and the movies!

Everyone loves a home cooked meal.

Whether it be for your significant other, your parents, or your roommate, you cant go wrong preparing someone a home cooked meal after a long work day.

Found money.

Leave a few bucks with your Pifcoin in a random place. Even finding $5 can be pretty great!

Go above the call of duty

Covering someone else's task (or shift) if they are in a bind at work can definitely brighten someone's day and can also strengthen workplace culture!

Drive Thru Surprise

Imagine pulling up to Chick-fil-A and finding out your chicken sandwich meal has been paid for. BLISS! Just don't forget to leave your PifCoin with the drive thru attendant to pass it to the recipient!

Be extra gratuitous 

If you had received great service don't leave the traditional 18% for great service. Leave 50% and it will make the server's week! Make sure to leave the PifCoin with your receipt before leaving.

The more Epifinators there are, the more good deeds that are happening. Help us reach our goal of 100,000 Epifinators by 2023.

If one Epifanator does 1 good deed per month or 12 per year and we have 100,000 registered Epifinators, that would lead to over 1.2 million completely random acts of kindness each year. Help us achieve our goal of making the world a more positive place to live. Join the movement and become and Epifinator.

How does it work?

Now you can see how your seemingly insignificant act has an effect on making the world a better and more positive place to live.

Start your own Pay It Forward Journey

Latest Good Deeds

Deer Park, NY – Julie

“How cool is this! I was just at the deli and about to pay and for whatever reason, my debit card kept getting declined. This kept happening to me the last few weeks bc my account had fraud – but even worse, I was about to be without lunch – and I was hungrrrry! Just then, this young guy comes up to the counter offering to cover the cost of my food. I couldn’t thank him enough and offered to Venmo him but he refused and gave me this coin telling me to pay it forward. So here I am sharing this amazing story!”

San Diego, CA – Heather

“I got this coin from a girl i work with… she works at my new job and totally saved my life. on my 3rd day, i still couldnt figure out the computer program. she stayed after her shift 3 hours showing me even tho it wasn’t her responsibility to do this. truly a gem.”

Dallas, TX – Jim

“Oh my goodness! Mike, you are a lifesaver!!! So I was driving my aunt back to her NYC apartment creeping along in NYC traffic when my gas light goes on. For whatever reason, there are like 2 gas stations in the whole city and I was not close to them. Bumper to bumper for like 2 hours and low and behold, I run out of gas in the middle of 2nd ave!! To my good graces, a stranger helped me move my car off to the side of the road. But I was still in a pickle, in the middle of Manhattan with a gasless car. This absolute stranger, I now know as Mike, offered a little bit of gas from his gas can he had in the back of his pickup truck. LIFE SAVIOR. because it was collllld out. Thanks mike!!!.”


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