Frequently Asked Questions

If you were on the receiving end of a PifCoin, please click on the “I got a Coin” button at the top of the website to document your experience. That coin has a story and a journey. Once you have done that, keep the PifCoin’s journey moving and pay it forward. Don’t forget to hand the coin off to that person afterwards!

Tracking a PifCoin’s story on our website is free. If you get a coin, and input your email address along with your story , you’ll receive updates of random acts of kindness your coin leads to. However, we encourage you to become an Epifinator and start your own pay it forward campaign. To become an Epifinator, click on the “become an Epifinator” button at the top of the website and follow the steps to sign up.

We’d love to hear each and every good deed our PifCoins encounter. However, if you’d like to blindly pass on the coin without sharing, that’s okay too. The most important thing is that the journey of the coin doesn’t stop.

A PifCoin purchase can cost as little as $6.99 and decrease with how many coins you want to purchase. The best value is our 1 year plan where we’ll supply you with 12 coins, good for 1 good deed each month. 

If you’re a school teacher, camp director, or troop leader, PifCoin’s can be used as a way to create a wealth of good in their communities. We have seen that the child with the most good deeds conducted by their coins have led to getting rewarded with troop pins, gold stars, or other types of certificate awards. 

This is a great question and one that we get a lot! We want to make the world a better place too. In order to do our part, we divide and donate 100% of our proceeds to charitable organizations such as, CancerCare, Autism Speaks, Covid19 relief, and the Tunnels to Towers Foundation. So when you decide to start your own journey and become an Epifinator, you’re also supporting these organizations as well.

If you’re a business and want to get involved with supplying your customers with a complimentary PifCoin with their purchase, please get in touch with us by email and tell us a bit about your organization and our PifCoin Business Development Director will be in touch with you to discuss a strategic partnership with you

Yes, if you’d like to sponsor our effort, we can add your company logo to our website and press releases. Also, if you’d like us to sponsor your event, please contact us by email and our Director of Community Events will get in touch with you on how we can help sponsor your event.

No at this time, PifCoin is not a crypto currency of any kind. You cannot invest in PifCoin like you can with Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. PifCoin is simply the acroynm for a “Pay It Forward” coin.

Great question! Once you tell your story, the person who had conducted the good deed for you will be notified to verify and approve the story for accuracy. 

Yes absolutely! When you supply your story, you have the option to remain anonymous if you choose to. But we feel that we get more and more real stories when we show a real person behind the random act of kindness conducted.

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