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So many people have great intentions to create a better world but are not sure where to begin. Little do they know, small things they are already doing have a ripple effect on others around them. The phrase "pay it forward" is a response to a person's kindness to oneself by being kind to someone else. Countless people practice this on a daily basis, unknowing of the impact a perceivable tiny good deed actually has on others. PifCoin is a means to track, inspire and most importantly, promote paying acts of kindness forward. The goal is to further advocate the ‘pay it forward’ agenda by physically using a coin passed from one person to the next. This will give everyone the ability to share experiences and receive updates as it gets passed along.

First, you’ll need to register to become an Epifinator. Once you’re a member, we’ll send you a package of PifCoin's. Now the work is up to you. You’ll need to perform a random act of kindness and when you do, don’t forget to hand over a PifCoin to the person that was the recipient of your good deed. That person then has the ability to register the coin and tell the story of what had happened. Once verified, the coin can be handed off to another person by conducting a good deed and so on and so on. The original Epifinator can see all the good deeds and any new Epifiniators that had signed up because of that first coin. And that’s just what one coin can do. Imagine if you handed out only 1 coin per month. Just think about all the good deeds you’d be able to see because of your one, seemingly insignificant random act of kindness.

Join the movement and become an Epifinator today!

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Perform a random act of kindness

The simplest act of generosity will be fine. No one is judging you.

Pass along your PIFcoin

There is no need to accept any compensation for your generosity. Simply pass along your coin and tell the recipient to document what the random act.

See what your deed has lead to.

Now you can track and see can see how many times your coin has been passed on and view all the acts of kindness it has lead to.

Now you can see how your seemingly insignificant act has an effect on making the world a better and more positive place to live.

Start your own Pay It Forward Journey

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